International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, we have a very special offer for you – get 50% off our 'strong women' books (and free shipping in ROI!).

Lady Gregory – An Irish Life by Judith Hill
Lady Gregory was founder of the Abbey Theatre and patron of W. B. Yeats, writer of successful plays and celebrated translations of Irish legends, the daughter of a Galway landowner and mistress of Coole Park. She never expected to make her mark on the literature or the land of her birth. Yet she became a key figure in the Irish Revival. She was a woman of great emotional restraint and great passions. 

The Veiled Woman of Achill – Island Outrage & A Playboy Drama by Patricia Byrne
Agnes MacDonnell was an English landowner on Achill Island who was brutally attacked by one of her tenants. She was so badly disfigured that she wore a veil for the rest of her life but she continued to live in her home on the island.

Granauile – Sea Queen of Ireland by Anne Chambers
This story, written especially for children, tells the tale of Grace O'Malley, a young girl on Ireland's west coast in a world of bards, brehons, rebellion and intrigue. This girl was Granuaile, who ruled on land and sea in the province of Connaught over 400 years ago. A pirate queen and an Irish chieftain, she became a legend.

Jane W. Shackleton's Ireland compiled by Christiaan Corlett
Jane W. Shackleton married into the famous Shackleton family and became an explorer in her own right, albeit with a camera rather than a sled. She developed a keen interest in photography in the 1880s and began to take her camera around Ireland, capturing aspects of Irish life often missed – or ignored – by other photographers. She didn't pose her subjects, which resulted in a more natural portrait that allows us to see Ireland as it truly was at that time.


The Veiled Woman of Achill
Island Outrage & a Playboy Drama


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