Lichens of Ireland

An Illustrated Introduction (Limpback)

By Paul Whelan

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This is the first introductory book written specifically on Ireland’s lichens. Lichen identification is a challenging activity requiring an accurate understanding of lichen anatomy and biology and the associated terminology. Once mastered, a world of Lilliputian biodiversity opens up, using a simple hand lens and this book. Part I describes with accurate line drawings the essential features of lichen anatomy. This is followed with guidelines on how to equip oneself for a comfortable and rewarding outing, maintaining a field notebook, collecting specimens and dissecting them for identification. Finally Ireland’s habitats are classified and described with the new lichenologist in mind. Part II describes in pictures and brief accurate text over 250 lichens found specifically in Ireland’s landscape. Each description includes a distribution map, appropriate spot test results, spore size and notes on the habitat/substrate that the lichen is most likely to occupy. 

Bibliographic Data

  • Book Format: Limpback
  • Published: 2012
  • Dimensions: 210 x 148 mm
  • Number of pages: 160
  • ISBN: 9781848891371
  • Illustrations note: Colour photos,

Editorial Reviews

"This is an outstanding eye-opener of a book that we can expect to become firmly established as one of the classics of Irish wildlife literature. "

– Science Spin Magazine

"Stunningly illustrated "

– Irish Wildlife Magazine

"The first book written specifically about Lichens and illustrating more than 250 species, so strikingly varied in colour and form. "

– Michael Viney (The Irish Times)

"Provides a wonderful accessible gateway to the study of lichens. "

– (Abagail Brewer) The National Biodiversity Centre

"One of the most important nature books to be published in Ireland in many years."

– Mooney Show, RTÉ Radio 1

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